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The OXUFS936DSE is a Universal Interface (eSATA, FireWire800, FireWire400, USB2.0) to dual SATA storage controller with integrated hardware RAID engine and integrated encryption engine. Delivering best-in-class performance across all interfaces, the OXUFS936DSE enables a range of external secure storage applications, including dual disk RAID configurations.
The integrated hardware RAID controller supports maximum performance
(RAID 0), maximum data protection (RAID 1) or spanning over USB, 1394 and

The integrated cipher engine provides advanced encryption and decryption
capabilities in hardware and enables OEMs to rapidly deploy full disk encryption
solutions, providing end users with peace-of-mind that their private content is
safe and secure in the event of theft or loss.

Integrating an eSATA device port, IEEE1394b link, USB2.0 device and dual SATA host controllers the OXUFS936DSE requires a minimal number of external components and reduces total system BOM cost.

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