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The i.MX25 multimedia applications processor has the right mix of high performance, low power, and integration to support the growing needs of the
industrial and general embedded markets.
 At the core of the i.MX25 is Freescales fast, proven, power-efficient implementation of the ARM926EJ-S core, with speeds of up to 400 MHz. The i.MX25 includes support for up to 133-MHz DDR2 memory, integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC, and two on-chip USB PHYs. The device is suitable for a wide range of applications, including the following:
• Graphical remote controls
• Human machine interface (HMI)
• Residential and commercial control panels
• Residential gateway (smart metering)

•Electronic point-of-sale terminals
• Handheld scanners and printers

• Patient-monitoring devices Features of the i.MX25 processor include the    following:
• Advanced power management—The heart of the device is a level of power management throughout the IC that enables the multimedia features and peripherals to achieve minimum system power consumption in active and various low-power modes. Power management techniques allow the designer to deliver a feature-rich product that requires levels of power far lower than typical industry expectations.
• Multimedia powerhouse—The multimedia performance of the i.MX25 processor is boosted by a 16 KB L1 instruction and data cache system and further enhanced by an LCD controller (with alpha blending), a CMOS image sensor interface, an A/D controller (integrated touchscreen controller), and a programmable smart DMA (SDMA) controller.
• 128 Kbytes on-chip SRAM—The additional 128 Kbyte on-chip SRAM makes the device ideal for
eliminating external RAM in applications with small footprint RTOS. The on-chip SRAM allows
the designer to enable an ultra low power LCD refresh.
• Interface flexibility—The device interface supports connection to all common types of external memories: MobileDDR, DDR, DDR2, NOR Flash, PSRAM, SDRAM and SRAM, NAND Flash, and managed NAND/
• (via the enhanced secured digital host controller (eSDHC)). Designers seeking to provide products that deliver a rich multimedia experience will find a full suite of on-chip peripherals: LCD controller and CMOS sensor interface, A/D controller (integrated touchscreen controller), parallel ATA, USB 2.0 high-speed on-the-go and full-speed host PHYs, multiple expansion card ports (high-speed MMC/SDIO host and others), fast Ethernet controller, and a variety of other common
interfaces including UART, CSPI, I2C, FlexCAN, and SIM card.
• Increased security—Because the need for advanced security for tethered and untethered devices continues to increase, the i.MX25 processor delivers hardware-enabled security features that enable secure e-commerce, digital rights management (DRM), information encryption, robust tamper detection, secure boot, and secure software downloads.
• On-chip PHY—The device includes an HS USB OTG PHY and FS USB HOST PHY.
• Fast Ethernet—For rapid external communication, a fast Ethernet controller (FEC) is included.

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