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The 8XC196KB is a 16-bit microcontroller available in three different memory varieties: ROMless (80C196KB),8K ROM (83C196KB) and 8K OTP (One Time ProgrammableÐ87C196KB). The 8XC196KB is a high perform-ance member of the MCSÉ 96 micro controller family. The 8XC196KB has the same peripheral set as the8096BH and has a true superset of the 8096BH instructions. Intels CHMOS process provides a high perform-ance processor along with low power consumption. To further reduce power requirements, the processor canbe placed into Idle or Powerdown Mode.
Bit, byte, word and some 32-bit operations are available on the 80C196KB. With a 16 MHz oscillator a 16-bit addition takes 0.50 ms, and the instruction times average 0.37 ms to 1.1 ms in typical applications.Four high-speed capture inputs are provided to record times when events occur. Six high-speed outputs are
available for pulse or waveform generation. The high-speed output can also generate four software timers or start an A/D conversion. Events can be based on the timer or up/down counter. Also provided on-chip are an A/D converter, serial port, watchdog timer and a pulse-width-modulated output signal.
The 80X196KB has a maximum guaranteed frequency of 12 MHz. The 8XC196KB16 has a maximum guaran-teed frequency of 16 MHz. All references to the 80C196KB also refer to the 80C196KB16; 83C196KB, Rxxx;87C196KB and 87C196KB16 unless otherwise noted. The ROM device does not have a speed indicator at the
end of the device name. Instead it has a ROM code number.
With the commercial (standard) temperature option, operational characteristics are guaranteed over the tem-perature range of 0§C to a70§C. With the extended temperature range option, operational characteristics are guaranteed over the temperature range of -40 C to +85 C.
Package Designators: N e 68-pin PLCC, S e 80-pin QFP (commercial only). Prefix Designators: T e Extend-ed Temperature.

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