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This chapter describes the electric characteristics, switching characteristics, and I/O timing for Cyclone®III devices. A glossary is also included for your reference.

Electrical Characteristics
The following sections provide information about the absolute maximum ratings,
recommended operating conditions, DC characteristics, and other specifications for
Cyclone III devices.

Operating Conditions
When Cyclone III devices are implemented in a system, they are rated according to a set of defined parameters. To maintain the highest possible performance and
reliability of Cyclone III devices, system designers must consider the operating
requirements in this document. Cyclone III devices are offered in commercial,
industrial, and automotive grades. Commercial devices are offered in –6 (fastest), –7, and –8 speed grades. Industrial and automotive devices are offered only in –7 speed grade.

In this chapter, a prefix associated with the operating temperature range is attached to the speed grades; commercial with “C” prefix, industrial with “I” prefix, and automotive with “A” prefix. Commercial devices are therefore indicated as C6, C7, and C8 per respective speed grades. Industrial and automotive devices are indicated as I7 and A7, respectively.

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