Pietra Calacatta




This Enpirion solution  is a Power System on a chip (PowerSoC). It is specifically designed to meet the precise voltage and fast transient requirements of present and future highperformance, low-power processor, DSP, FPGA, ASIC, memory boards and system level applications in a distributed power architecture. Advanced circuit techniques, ultra high switching frequency, and very advanced, high-density, integrated circuit and  proprietary inductor technology deliver high-quality, ultra compact, non-isolated DC-DC conversion. Operating this converter requires as few as three external components that include small value input and output ceramic capacitors and a soft-start capacitor.
The Enpirion integrated inductor solution significantly helps in  low noise system design and productivity by offering greatly simplified board design, layout  and manufacturing requirements. 
All Enpirion products are RoHS compliant and lead-free manufacturing environment compatible.

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